Thursday, 23 August 2012

Who will be the face of Wendy McLean Jewellery?

We have seen it before: the new face of Chanel, the face of Omega , the face of J'Adore. Super models and famous actresses – a few lucky ones have had their chance. And it is usually done with a great deal of fanfare and guarded jealousy: more fame for the already famous, and more glamour for the (already) successful brand. This could gain more customers – those who like the movie star and have not yet tried the brand, or those who like the brand and may now recognise the star in the movie. Links by association – where good brands become better brands.

So, who will be first face of Wendy McLean, Jewellery? (Well, I have to start somewhere). Ultimately, there is only one answer. Who could match the fame and glamour of the “Wendy McLean” brand? None other than Wendy McLean herself, aka me. So, it is with (some) fanfare and drum rolling (here at the desk), I am launching the new face of Wendy McLean, Jewellery: meet the multi-chromatic Wendy.

Brunette Wendy
Golden Wendy
Ebony Wendy
Silver Wendy
Unlike the real Wendy McLean, this Wendy has perfect skin, well-groomed hair (which is multi-chromatic), and all Wendy McLean Jewellery goes well with her skin tone and hair colour. Just like the big brands, it may be the best solution to a unique brand. Links by association. Wendy for Wendy, by Wendy. Will you buy Wendy?

Please welcome the new face of Wendy McLean Jewellery. Visit the upcoming daytime craft shows in the next 3 months, and get a glimpse of her to see what she will be doing. I will be there too, and then we can also chat about the jewellery.

"We" will be at the following Design and Craft Shows in the next 12 weeks:

Boughton House (near Kettering) : 26-27 August 2012
Easton Walled Gardens (Easton, near Stamford, Lincs) : 9 September 2012
Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford: 23 September 2012
J'adore Jewellery and Silversmithing Fair, Putteridge Bury House, Putteridge, Luton, 13-14 October 2012
Doddington Hall, Doddington (near Lincoln) : 2 November 2012
Art, Craft and Design Show, Newmarket Racecourse, Newmarket: 7-8-9 November 2012

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